There are almost no limits when it comes to the design and colours for your „water craft“. 

These days we have a huge number of foils as well as a variety of options of individual foil design made by foil digital print – so any design appears to be entirely possible!

We have a solution for everything – whether you wish an innovative, individual outdoor design or a high-class interior design.

Not only we can turn your vision into reality, we can exceed your expectations by far!

Traditionally, the most luxury yachts are completely white on the in- and the outside. But we experience more and more clients wishing for more colour for a slightly more individual touch.

We are your one-stop-shop – starting with the first design sketches leading to the mutually agreed-on, final design, including the conceptional realisation planning with the owner, the marinas and the dockyards as well as the detailed project planning, and the completed realisation.

„Nice and pretty is not enough … a yacht has to be an experience“!

Our Services Include Among Others:

  • Complete Yacht Body Wrapping
  • Partial Yacht Body Wrapping
  • Accented Yacht Body Wrapping
  • Yacht Interiour Wrapping (Wrapping for Furniture)
  • Yacht Body Lettering
  • Anti-Fouling Wrapping
  • Tinted Windows and Mirror Coating
  • On-board Anti-Slip Wrapping
  • Transparent Lack- and Gel-Coat Protection Wrapping in all Areas
  • Foil-Refit of Complete Yachts and Boats