All water crafts are exposed to the osmosis danger. Especially, sea water is very aggressive towards the gel coat of the outer shell.

Special, high-quality foils are protecting the gel-coat of the boat- and yacht outer shell against water.

High-quality special foils are there for the protection of the water craft surface from extremely aggressive UV-rays to prevent the so-called bleaching-out.To minimize the slipping danger everywhere on deck, the stairs, the tiled floors, the chequer-plate steps, the barefoot area and everywhere else, you can slip easily, we can use anti-slipping foils.

Our Foil Protection Pool Includes Among Others:

  • Protection against Aggressive Sea Water
  • UV-Protection
  • Serves as Anti-Fouling
  • Smooth Surface prevents the Marine Organisms Settlement
  • Easy in Caree
  • Good Osmosis Protection
  • Foliation on GFK, CFK, Wood, Glas and Stone
  • Reflection Foil – to increase the Visibility of your Boat in the Dark