The foils we use are extremely solid and resistant, sea and fresh water resistant, sustainable and are a perfect alternative for a varnish. They are easy to clean and to care for and offer a complete UV-protection.

Our Design Pool Includes Among Others:

  • Transparent Varnish and Gel Coat Protection Foils
  • Over 1.500 different Glossy and Matt Finish Foils
  • Metallic Foils with 10 % – 90 % Metallic Segments
  • Effect Foils in Mirror, Chrome, Perlmutt Effect, Carbon, Brushed Metallic Surface, and others
  • Special Effects Foils
  • Structured Foils with over 150 different Wood Structures, various Kinds of Leather, and others
  • Customized Digital Print Foils
  • Anti-Fouling Foils
  • Anti-Slipping Foils
  • Tinted Window Foils in Grey and Black Colours, as well as Mirror Effect Foils